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The AI Art Frame brings Generative AI to your home. AI Art Frame comes with an App for Apple iOS and Google Android that allows you to write prompts, generate AI Art, and display that Art. Upcycle your old tablets and touchscreen devices and use them to showcase your works of AI generated Art. AI Art Frame comes with six rich frame styles made of solid woods and hardwoods.


3 Simple Steps to Enjoy This Product:

  1. Install AI Art Frame where you desire and power it on.
  2. Create an account through our custom built App.
  3. Enter your prompt, image style, and let the magic of the AI Art Frame mesmerize you!

Key Features

  • App-Driven Functionality: Compatible with both iOS and Android, the AI Art Frame operates through a user-friendly app. Downloadable from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, this app leverages the latest stable diffusion AI models to create mesmerizing artwork.

  • Custom Matting Service:  Need a custom matting to perfectly fit your tablet? We offer a custom matting service. Discount code available for AI Art Frame Customers.
  • Revive Old Tablets: Give new life to your unused tablets by transforming them into dynamic art displays.

  • High-Definition Tablet: You are welcome to use modern tablets.

  • Always-On Display: The AI Art Frame App intelligently keeps the screen on, allowing you to showcase your art continuously, without interruptions.

  • Customizable Artwork: With the power of AI, generate and display a diverse range of beautiful artworks. From classic to contemporary, the choice is yours.

  • Premium Build Quality: Crafted from real hardwood, the AI Art Frame exudes elegance and durability. Its superior construction ensures a lasting addition to your decor.

  • Universal Tablet Compatibility: Designed with versatility in mind, the AI Art Frame fits almost every tablet model, ensuring a seamless integration.

  • Easy Installation: Equipped with wall hangers, the AI Art Frame can be easily mounted, instantly elevating the ambiance of any room.

  • Affordable Art Credits: Art generation works on a credit system. Get 1,000 credits for just $10, allowing you to create approximately 500 images. Billing is conveniently handled through the iOS App Store or Android Play Store.

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