Partnerships & Product Development


You have a product you want to create, High Intensity Labs has Engineers ready to help you bring your vision to reality. We will work with you to design your product, prototype it, iterate it, and help you bring it to market. We are a small team of interdisciplinary Engineers who can be brought in depending on the needs of your product. We specialize in System Design, Electrical Engineering, PCB Design, Firmware, Software, IoT, Cloud, Mechanical Engineering, CAD, CNC Machining, 3D printing, and Manufacturing. We're happy to work with you whether you're an Engineering team or a first-time Entrepreneur.



It was fantastic working with High Intensity Labs. The product turned out great. We will be creating a second iteration. Our team is expecting to start manufacturing in the next 2-3 months. Hiring High Intensity Labs has been a really good experience.



The High Intensity Labs team is very professional experienced. They are fast with electrical engineering and are very patient when it comes to communication. They test the products to guarantee the accuracy and would make modifications according to my need. Highly recommend to work with their team if you need a prototype done!

At High Intensity Labs, we firmly believe in the transformative potential of individual talent and its capacity to drive successful product development. Empowering our engineers to harness their unique skills, we create an environment where a single, passionate individual can truly make a monumental difference.

You only pay for engineering time spent working on your product. We value full transparency.

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